Pasta is getting smart! Barilla launches its second 3D design competition for 3D printable pasta shapes –


In my day, cart wheels and vague dinosaur shapes were considered the pinnacle of sophisticated pasta shapes. I never imagined three-dimensional roses and cratered moons, but that’s what technology does: make things cooler. It also does a lot of other things, of course, like saving lives, but you can’t deny that sophisticated pasta shapes are a delicious use for 3D printing. We have followed the development of Barilla’s 3D pasta printer for a few years, and it was a contest offered by the pasta company in 2014 that led to the creation of these pasta roses, moons and vortexes.

If you missed your chance to make your own pasta creations in 2014, now you have another chance. Barilla is sponsoring another pasta design competition, this time with help from the Design Platform Desall. The Smart Pasta The competition is accepting applications until March 1, 2017, and the winners will be announced in early May. Entering is simple: create a 3D printable design that you would like to see made as pasta, then upload the design files and a PDF folder to the competition website.

There are several guidelines to keep in mind. The challenge invites you to think big, as 3D printers can create pasta much larger than usual baking methods. Be creative, push the limits and think not only about aesthetics, but also taste. I only recently realized that the wide variety of pasta shapes are not designed just to look neat, but to interact with sauces and other ingredients in very specific ways. How can the geometry of your design affect flavor and texture?

For example, the “Moon” design which was one of the winners of the 2014 competition is a hollow sphere that allows the sauce to seep through the holes and accumulate inside, for a taste experience. very different from that of spaghetti, for example. You can also look at the design “Rosa”, another winner of 2014, which actually “blooms” in boiling water. Try experimenting with geometry that changes shape.

rose pasta

Three winners will be announced in early May, and each will receive a prize of € 1,000. Feasibility, creativity and consistency with the design brief will be taken into account in choosing the winning designs. There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit, and participation is free, so get creative! For inspiration, you can check out some fun food designs here.

pastaBarilla also offers an option right of € 1,000 for all designs that the company wishes to purchase for commercial purposes, whether they are winning designs or not.

“Barilla, always attentive to innovation and technological development, is researching new forms of pasta specially designed for the innovative 3D pasta printer, first announced at Expo 2015 and presented to the public at CIBUS 2016”, declare the organizers of the competition. “Barilla, which is about to celebrate its 140 years in business, is now relying on Desall’s community of designers and creatives to explore the enormous potential made possible by this new production technology, transmitting under an innovative form the values ​​and concern for tradition. that have always characterized the Barilla brand.

Read more details on how to enter here. For more inspiration, watch the video below:

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