Pokemon Fan Uses 3D Printer To Create Amazing Bellsprout Figure

A Pokemon fan shares his awesome 3D printed Bellsprout, which looks extremely true to the game and sits perfectly in a flowerpot.


3D printing is a technology that more and more people are accessing, making the recreation of favorite video game objects and characters a popular pastime. fans of the Pokemon the series is no slouch, as recreations of some of the franchise’s most iconic creatures are now getting the 3D-printed sculpting treatment.

Such Pokemon The creation was recently shared on social media, bringing a Bellsprout to life as a 3D sculpture. The creation receives praise, and for good reason, as it’s a surprisingly faithful and charming reproduction.


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Bellsprout has been around since the first generation of Pokemon games, joining the list as a grass/poison type. Although Bellsprout is not usually on the list of excellent or powerful Pokemon, it does not necessarily mean much with Pokemon. Fans will often be charmed by a Pokemon’s design, no matter how useful it is in battle, and Redditor SilvanuZ chose to bring it to life using his 3D printer.

The effort that has gone into this print should not be overlooked. 3D printing is still not the easiest thing to do reliably, as a print can go wrong for a number of reasons. Additionally, SilvanuZ not only 3D printed the Pokemon creation, but also painted the final product. The result appears to be an official piece of Pokemon merchandise, with everything from the charming flower pot to the colors chosen to represent the Pokemon perfectly.

Fans were quick to express their feelings about the print, with many being impressed and others hoping to print their own or buy one for themselves. SilvanuZ kindly shared the 3D file so those with their own printers can try it out, but they also note that they offer printed and painted copies of their work.

3D printed Pokémon have recently gained popularity. Pokémon like Rayquaza and Steelix got 3D prints, while a fan-made Lickitung 3D print has a retractable tongue, and another fan used a 3D printer to create a base for a holographic Spiritomb recreation. Although 3D printing is still a relatively new technology for hobbyists, using a 3D printer to create Pokemon fanart isn’t the most unusual medium fans have used. For example, recent Pikachu fanart used lasers and mirrors to create its image.

With 3D printers becoming more affordable and more commonplace, and with free 3D modeling software like Blender now widely available, prints like these aren’t going anywhere. It will be interesting to see how far Pokemon fans can opt for custom 3D printed artwork of their favorites.

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Source: FireFly3DPrints

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