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Revo Foods presents an “ultra-realistic” vegetable salmon fillet produced with 3D technology – vegconomist

June 2, 2022


Austrian Revo Foods presented an “ultra-realistic” vegetable salmon fillet made from 100% plant-based ingredients, prepared by Michelin chef Siegfried Kröpfl who once cooked for Queen Elizabeth, at a public tasting in Vienna on Monday.

“The structure is almost too perfect, are you sure it’s vegan?” “, quoted one of the guests. »

The base of the fillet consists of various vegetable protein sources, such as pea protein. Other ingredients include seaweed extracts and vegetable oils. The tenderloin has a high protein and omega-3 fatty acid content, similar to wild salmon.

Pan-fried Revo salmon fillet
© Revo Foods

According to the founders, the participants were amazed by the realism of the salmon, even too realistic for some; “”The structure is almost too perfect, are you sure it’s vegan?”, quoted one of the guests.”

Revo’s first products are already available in 16 European countries, including supermarkets in Austria and Germany. Earlier this month, its popular plant-based smoked salmon slices were launched in the UK via online vegan supermarket GreenBay.

Recently, the startup received €2.2 million in non-equity grants from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) to advance its 3D printing technology. Following the funding, Revo is expected to launch its salmon fillets in retail from early 2023.