RZR MKR 3D Design Contest from Gillette, 3D Hubs and MakersCAFE – Design a 3D Printed Razor Handle – 3DPrint.com

It’s sometimes easy to forget the hours of design work put into the things we use every day. There’s a lot more to a razor, for example, than just attaching a sharp blade to a handle. Not only the safety of such an exercise must be taken into account, but also factors such as the ergonomics of the grip and the probability that the whole apparatus can withstand the various stresses to which it is subjected during from normal use. Finally, the overall product must be attractive enough and compelling enough in terms of its fitness for purpose that people will want to buy it.

With that in mind, Gillette and MakersCAFE have teamed up with 3D Hubs to create the RZR MKR competition to design a 3D printed handle for one of Gillette’s razors. They provided the downloadable CAD files (the link opens the download) for genuine Gillette components and the added incentive of 3D printing via 3DHubs, at no cost to the designer, the first 100 grips entered into the contest. Once the design is printed for Mach3, Fusion or Venus razors, entrants will send their designs to Gillette to display in their popup in Boxpark. The call is simple:11

“We would like to challenge you to redesign, reinvent and reprint your razor handle as you would like. New shapes, new forms, new uses: come up with the most beautiful and innovative handle design and it will be proudly displayed in the RZR MKR™ pop-up store at Boxpark, August 9-14, 2016. We also have loads of 3D Hubs vouchers to give away to make it worth your while and cash prizes for winners.

The person with the best design not only gets bragging rights, but also a £500 voucher for 3D Printing Hubs to print as they please. Cash prizes are also awarded for second through fifth place submissions. As an added incentive, Gillette will pay £300 to each winner to purchase ownership of their design and may also purchase ownership of designs that do not make the top five. The judges will be made up of people from all three companies and will provide an opportunity to showcase your work to people who know their stuff.

USen_DT_CLP_HDR_RABL_MAC3The 3D printing technique of choice is FDM, which was selected because it is considered the most affordable and widely accessible form of 3D printing, ensuring the highest possible level of inclusion in the competition. However, using FDM is not a requirement if there is a compelling reason to use another 3D printing approach. Once the winners are selected, the grips will be made available through 3D Hubs for anyone who wishes to purchase them, so this is a chance to showcase your design to a discerning audience as well.

But hurry, your 3D printed submission must reach Gillette by August 3, 2016 to be considered. See more details here for files, FAQs and full contest guidelines. Discuss more on the Gillette 3D Printed Razor Handle forum at 3DPB.com.