Saras 3D launches Genius 3D Learning based on stereoscopic 3D technology for K12 students

The solution is based on the NCERT and aligned with the CBSE and ICSE cards and is available for grades 10 to 12.

Saras-3D, Inc, a start-up of technology innovators and educators, today announced the launch of its innovative, patent-pending learning solution, Genius 3D Learning. Genius 3D Learning is India’s first stereoscopic 3D technology-based learning experience that uses the power of interactive visualization to help students gain a deeper understanding of science and math concepts. Genius 3D’s learning-by-doing approach promotes 2x faster learning and retention and, as a result, better scores, helping students achieve their academic goals. The solution is based on NCERT and aligned with CBSE and ICSE cards. It is available for grades 10 to 12 and is designed to give students the edge they need for JEE / NEET.

Commenting on the launch, Bipin Dama, Founder and CEO of Saras-3D, Inc, said, “Genius 3D Learning is the product of years of research and development on creating a learning solution that lays the right foundation. for learning and knowledge acquisition to shape today’s students into the STEM innovators and problem solvers of tomorrow, enabling them to compete and succeed globally. It democratizes high quality education, makes it accessible to all and is designed to empower curious and ambitious minds today.

Designed and developed by Saras-3D, Inc, Genius 3D Learning has been customized for the Indian market. It features realistic 3D models and simulations and includes 3D video lectures presented by subject matter experts and reviewed by alumni of the world’s top universities. The interactive viewing experience comes with comprehensive quizzes, theories, and an activity tracking report that help students take a proactive approach to learning. The simple and easy to use solution includes the Genius 3D learning app, Genius 3D Booster Box, 3D glasses and a monitor that can be connected to existing Windows systems (laptop / computer). It is available as options for individual students as well as for schools. Genius 3D Learning will be sold and serviced in India by the 3D EdTech subsidiary of Saras-3D, Inc.

Kashyap Mankad, Founding Member and CTO of 3D EdTech added, “With Genius 3D Learning, we are bringing international learning and best practices to India. The interactive visualization of our solution is designed in such a way that students can interact, rotate and move objects in all directions in three-dimensional space, helping them to understand these concepts and retain knowledge better. The subject matter experts at Saras-3D guided the creation of these virtual lab simulations that were heretofore impossible. For example, today we have a beating heart with ECGs, atomic models, simulations of a launched projectile and much more. In short, we offer a virtual laboratory experience with infinite permutations for a better understanding of the concepts.

Saras-3D, Inc is founded by team members of Indian descent with graduate degrees from Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and other prestigious institutes. Having worked in world famous technology companies, such as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Verizon, Cisco, Nokia, they founded Saras-3D with the aim of bringing the best of the world to education in India.

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