Save $95 on the Elegoo Saturn 3D Printer at Amazon

Amazon is offering the Elegoo Saturn 3D printer for $95, so now’s the time to grab a bargain if you’re looking to print your own parts and models.

A $95 saving is huge, especially since prices seem to be rising everywhere you look. The Elegoo Saturn 3D Printer offers larger build volume, fast single-LCD printing, crisp and sharp details and consistent printing. It’s not the only 3D printer on offer though, the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is discounted by $39 and is a cheaper alternative.

If you’re looking for a bargain (well, why wouldn’t you be?), these two 3D printers can save you a pretty penny. We also have detailed guides for telescope deals, binoculars deals, and Lego space deals that you should check out for some great discounts.

The first of these two 3D printers, Elegoo Saturn, gives you more options when printing as it has a build volume measuring 192mm (7.5in), 120mm (4.7in) and 200mm (7.8 inches). It is also equipped with an 8.9-inch 4K HD resolution monochrome LCD screen that allows it to print 60% faster than the Mars 2 Pro model. Shock absorption units help with stabilization, so not only is it faster, it’s also reliable, giving you the finish you want.

You can read our Elegoo Mars 2 Pro review to take a deep dive into it, but we really like it. If you’re looking for a smaller printer or a model just for small items, this might be exactly what you’re looking for. The mono 2K LCD screen gives high precision in printing and detail while the built-in carbon filter can absorb and remove any odor, so you don’t have to worry about resin smell when painting. impression.

They are two excellent 3D printers and they are two very good deals for them. 3D printing has become more affordable and accessible in recent years and the two models on offer are good examples of this. One thing to note is that the Elegoo Saturn model is out of stock, so we recommend that you act quickly to make the most of this offer.

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