Shining 3D Technology: pioneer of Chinese biomedical 3D printing

Li Cheng, president of Shining 3D Tech, initially engaged in the chemical fiber textile industry, moved to the 3D printing industry in 2004 with a strong desire to do something great in this field.

Over the past ten years, he has witnessed the development of China’s 3D printing industry. His company has gone from basic consumer applications such as portrait printing to industrial manufacturing and what it does now —— high-end biomedical 3D printing technologies. To some extent, brilliant 3D technology presents the overall picture of China’s 3D printing industry.

Regenovo Biotechnology C., Ltd is the subsidiary of Shining 3D Tech, mainly focused on biomedical 3D printing. Specifically, it has been dedicated to the research and development of 3D printers, hardware and software for biomedical science. They also provide new technical solutions for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, drug discovery and healthcare assistance.

Last October, Regenovo launched the first 3D printed liver commercialized in China and announced the creation of the next generation 3D printing workshop. Experts say this has not only spurred research on 3D printing of organs, but also provided a whole new solution for the selection of new drugs.

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Recently, Regenovo has been working on 3D printing cells. Its chief scientist Xu Mingen claims that the biological theory of cell imprinting stems from a famous experiment. In this experiment, mouse arterial blood vessels are cut into a cyclic structure, like doughnuts. By assembling these “doughnuts”, they will become a functioning ship after approximately 72 hours. This experiment indicates that if we use a technology to stack cells according to their structure in the human body, there is a strong possibility that it can again form a functional structure.

Bio-printing, especially the printing of living organs, is probably the most attractive part of 3D printing, but with its technical difficulties and long cultivation period, it is difficult to estimate the day it will can actually generate profit. Even so, every breakthrough in bio-printing affects the flow of capital.

To some extent, this could be a big gamble for Shining 3D Tech. Regenovo was jointly founded by Shining 3D Technology and Dr. Xu mingen from Hangzhou Dianzi University. Now, Xianlin 3D Tech controls the subsidiary with 50% of its total share.

At the beginning of August, Regenovo bought 51% of the shares of Medzone Biotech Co., Ltd. Medzone Biotech is a high-tech company engaged in the research and development of biomedical materials and aids. This purchase will promote the combination of Regenovo’s biomedical materials and biological cell printing, forming a whole 3D printing industrial chain from materials to equipment and products.


Huang Xianqing, secretary to the president, said that although it is unclear when organ printing could be applied to clinical practice, they could gain regular benefits through skin printing, organ printing. tissue repair and printing of biological units for drug use. Organ printing remains a strategic investment. Based on the current growth rate, Regenovo is expected to continue its rapid growth in the coming months.