Simpliforge launches India’s 1st state-of-the-art robotic concrete 3D printer at Charvitha Meadows

Minister of Finance, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. from Telangana, T. Harish Rao inaugurated the Robotic Construction 3D printer in Siddipet

Simpliforge Creations, provider of additive manufacturing solutions, today launched its first state-of-the-art robotic construction 3D printer. Claimed as India’s first robotic construction 3D printer and the largest in South Asia, the printer was inaugurated by Sri Thaneeru Harish Rao, Honorable Minister of Finance, Health and Family Welfare, Government . from Telangana, to Charvitha Meadows in Siddipet. Mr. Amit Ghule, Founder and COO, Simpliforge Creations, and Mr. Dhruv Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Simpliforge Creations, were present with the Minister, who shared the innovative aspects of the machine and talked about the construction plans innovative to be managed by the robot. arm printer.

Construction 3D printing is a technology designed to meet India’s unique housing needs for remote constructions as well as innovative designs. Simpliforge’s robotic arm construction 3D printer is not only the largest construction 3D printer in India, but also the first of its size in South Asia. The 3D printer can print landscaping elements, furniture, statues and wall facades, among others, on large-scale civil structures. The printer is capable of working with environmentally friendly materials such as geopolymers and clay, with Simpliforge also launching its proprietary “SIMPLICORETE” building material. The advantages of additive manufacturing, namely minimal waste, shortened supply chains, optimal use of resources and decentralized manufacturing, are brought to the construction industry.

Minister Harish Rao launches robotic arm
Amit Ghule-COO and Dhruv Gandhi-CEO Simpliforge Creations with the team
Speaking on the occasion, Honorable Minister Harish Rao said, “Innovation can happen anywhere, it doesn’t have to be a Tier I metropolitan city, but even a small city like Siddipet. The 3D printer is one of these landmark initiatives. joy to launch this cutting-edge technology at Charvitha Meadows. I congratulate the entire Simpliforge team on this remarkable landmark and wish them all the best as they continue to contribute to the needs of their industry and position Siddipet as a hub for these cutting-edge technological innovations.”

Expressing his delight at the launch of this innovation, Mr. Amit Ghule, Founder and COO, Simpliforge Creations, said, “We are honored to have our Honorable Minister Harish Rao Garu present for the launch of our project. The current 3D printer can create structures up to 7m in size, making it the largest robotic concrete 3D printer in India and indeed the entire South Asian region. Also, the range of the printer can be increased as needed. The Robotic Concrete 3D Printer offers designers better versatility and design freedom while being easier to deploy on project sites than gantry type printers, making it attractive to designers and project developers. »

“Charvitha Meadows is a one-of-a-kind, new era gated community with plots and villas in Siddipet, Telangana. It is a futuristic world designed with a sustainable approach for holistic living. We are proud to partner with Simpliforge and delighted to embark on this remarkable journey of innovation,” said Hari Krishna J, MD and CEO at Apsuja Infratech (Charvitha Meadows).

Mr. Dhruv Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Simpliforge Creations adding more details on the technology, said, “At Charvitha Meadows, we are printing a number of artistic elements for its Sanjeevani Park, positioning it as the first such park in India. Charvitha Meadows design philosophy is sustainable living with the fusion of futuristic technologies. This robotic 3D printing technology is chosen taking into account the ecological advantages of the technology and the design freedom it offers. We greatly appreciate the government of Telangana for always being the pioneer in promoting innovative technologies and for also working to set up a “National Center for Additive Manufacturing”, showing the government’s proactive interest in advancing this technology. »

Amit Ghule (COO) & Dhruv Gandhi (CEO) Simpliforge Creations and Hari Krishna J

Equipped with an extensive library of materials, niche design expertise and strong domain knowledge for technology applications, Simpliforge Creations aims to grow globally with its technology. The company plans to build unique civil structures while developing robotic technology to enable smart construction in India and abroad. This technology also gives architects and structural engineers design freedom to experiment with unique structures for new construction.


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