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As the number of real-world applications involving the use of 3D design and 3D printing continues to grow, so does the need to educate the world, especially younger generations, about the ins and outs and the outs of 3D technology. Educational fields involving science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are becoming increasingly relevant in our society, and we have seen an admirable effort from 3D printing companies and academic institutions to implement 3D technology in educational programs around the world.

Bill Tran

Software Developer Bill Tran

The recent revival of STEM-focused learning programs has come in all shapes and sizes. The examples are many, events like MakerBot-sponsored Makeathons have aimed to develop STEAM educational content, while institutions like UK school Windsor Boys have created a seemingly successful 3D design course for their young students. Today, an avid software developer and maker named Bill Tran is taking the initiative to launch a comprehensive course for anyone who wants to learn 3D design for 3D printing to do so. Tran recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $4,150 for his proposed course, which sold out in less than 24 hours.

“With today’s advances in technology, you can design your own parts and send them to an online 3D printing service or you can make them at home with your own 3D printer,” Tran writes on the Kickstarter page. “The problem is that there is no information available, which will take you from not knowing at all to designing and printing your own 3D parts.”

Tran’s plan is to create a project-based 3D design course, starting with lessons on designing a simple cabinet knob, and eventually moving on to creating complete multi-part assemblies. The program is designed for aspiring creators, inventors, and engineers who want to learn Blender and Autodesk Fusion360 for product development. According to Tran, he will guide novice designers through the full course, which will include project files, video, diagrams and other assorted reference materials. The software developer plans to cover all the basics of product design and development, educating students on orthographic views, 3D design, multi-part assemblies, part simulation, part tolerances, 3D rendering, 3D printing validation, assembling your own 3D printer, 3D printing calibration and 3D printing.

blender_bumper.shThe course itself comes with full lifetime access and is currently available as a $15 or more pledge reward on the Kickstarter page (the course will cost a one-time fee of $50 once the campaign is over) . There are a number of other benefits available to backers, including full access to Udemy bestsellers Create digital art assets using Blender ($35), early access to the Tran course ($50), and even parts to build a Delta 3D printer kit ($500). Tran lists a number of reasons why he thinks his course will be superior to existing courses, citing his experience as a product developer and also that of Ben Tristem, a top instructor on Udemy, who will help develop this plan. full course. The welcoming response to Tran’s crowdfunding campaign so far has led them to announce a slew of other potential courses in the form of lofty goals.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 22.11.22If the Kickstarter continues to do well, it will build courses on a wide range of intriguing topics, which will include lessons on how to build a 3D scanner, a filament maker, how to design phone accessories, and more. According to Tran, there are very few obstacles that prevent him from succeeding in his project’s goal, in fact, he promises to repay anyone for their commitment if they don’t find value in their design course. Now that the crowdfunding goal has been met, Tran will begin development of the course, which is expected to be partially released in August 2016 and fully completed and distributed by December 2016. Thanks to Tran, extensive knowledge of 3D design and 3D printing could soon be accessible both inside and outside academic institutions. The course aims to help determined people who just need an experienced guide to become 3D design and product development prodigies. Is this something you would support? Discuss more in the Kickstarter Forum 3D Design Course Already funded on

Check out his Kickstarter video below.