Student uses 3D design to create sleek Art Deco office space –

Furnishing a house, an apartment or an office requires a lot of creativity and, especially if your budget is tight, a lot of ingenuity. An apartment full of mismatched thrift store furniture has a certain charm, speaking from experience, but when creating a professional office space, a clean, cohesive look is far more important — and expensive. Why not let 3D printing help you?

Thingiverse user Aaron Powell from Perth, Australia wants to do just that with his Art Deco design collection. The student was given the task of designing an office this semester in his interior design class and decided to use his passion for 3D printing and his love for art deco design to create his project.Art_Deco_Wall_light_preview_featured

“Since I had many years of 3D modeling skills, I decided to create my models from scratch,” Powell told “I’m very passionate about this stuff!”

Powell, who says he has had a general fascination with 3D since he was six years old and has been interested in 3D modeling since 2004, hopes to pursue a career in 3D print design. So far he has only done freelance work, but his designs are very promising.

“I’ve been into 3D for almost 10 years now and it wasn’t until TAFE that I had the chance to learn 3D properly and use 3D Studio Max,” he said. declared. “After learning this program, my interest in 3D…has grown even more. After many years of study and professional experience in a small game company, I feel ready to start my career in 3D.

His office design project, which consists of 12 pieces, includes everything from support beams to wastebaskets, all designed in an art deco style. The collection also includes chairs, tables, doors and a clock, as well as a wall lamp and elegant decor.deco2

Its wall design is particularly interesting, with its depth and wavy shape, and gives the office a modern and artistic touch in the final rendering.

“When creating the models you saw,” Powell told us, “I only needed to base them on image references and I start with a primitive shape (like a cube or a cylinder) and I subdivide it into sections and extrude areas and before you know it you have a recognizable object.

Art_Deco_Decoration_preview_featuredHis designs can be seen on his Thingiverse site, as well as his CG Society page, which includes digital designs as well as 3D renders. He is particularly fond of rigid modeling, although he maintains a keen interest in all areas of 3D printing. His Thingiverse site also has several medieval-themed furniture designs, and we can expect to see more architectural projects soon. He also recently designed a Japanese desk, which he says he will be uploading to his website soon. Keep an eye on his page to see what other creative projects he’s developing; Personally, I think it holds great promise for a successful career in design.

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