Super Cost Effective LONGER LK5 PRO 3D Printer for Only $299

Creative minds around the world are getting more and more accustomed to a whimsical new hobby. 3D printing gives the tablet a wide range of ways to go and you can really create a lot with it. From home decorations to board game pieces or even handy tools. There are plenty of solid and affordable options out there, but today we have a pretty special one for you. LONGER LK5 PRO has many great features to offer. And you can also find it in a nice promotional sale.

LONGER LK5 PRO is an FDM 3D printer, which will satisfy even the most demanding users. To begin with, it can offer a large printing size of 300x300x400mm, a stable triangular structure with two inclined rods, and most importantly, a convenient 90% pre-assembled design. It is also very quiet and thanks to the open source motherboard it is much easier to get additional upgrades or spare parts. And the upgraded glass bed with ceramic coating or high-strength Teflon tubing are also nice extra touches. Not to mention the beautiful 4.3-inch color touch screen with a user-friendly interface. Sounds pretty good already?

Because we can make it even better! With the special discount voucher LK5PRO$30 you can reduce the price of LONGER LK5 PRO to just $299, which is more than solid for such an advanced 3D printer. And with US and EU warehouse options available, customers around the world can get it easily.

And while we are looking at LONGER products and their special promotions, we also have to mention one more. LONGER RAY5 is a first laser engraving machine with an integrated touch screen, also offering many advantages. Its ultra-fine laser can certainly carve fantastic ornaments on various materials or help with cutting. And thanks to the discount coupon RAY5$30 the price is also down to just $279. Again also available in both US warehouse and EU warehouse.