Quantum computing could be boosted by 3D printing via Nanoscribe, a subsidiary of Swedish bioconvergence startup BICO (BICO.ST). At this year’s Photonics West Expo (January 25-27), Nanoscribe is unveiling the Quantum X align, a 3D printer specifically designed for self-aligned printing on fiber optics and photonic chips. Not to beRead More →

Focused on disrupting age-old manufacturing techniques and existing Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) businesses, Seurat Technologies has developed an innovative metal 3D printing process that can rival the volumes, quality and prices of traditional manufacturing, while simultaneously offsetting carbon emissions. Since emerging from stealth mode in 2021, the startup’s innovative technologyRead More →

[ad_1] For more than two decades, the German service office Prototypenzentrum GmbH (PTZ) has been manufacturing both plastic and metal prototypes and small batch jobs for a variety of different industries, using CNC milling, molding technologies by injection, molding and additive manufacturing; PTZ offers selective laser fusion, selective laser sinteringRead More →

[ad_1] 3D printer manufacturer Flashforge announced the launch of Creator 3 Pro, its latest successor to Creator 3, a professional desktop 3D printer released in late 2019 for functional prototyping and small volume production. The Creator 3 Pro comes with a host of new features designed to make printing evenRead More →

[ad_1] The first order of business in today’s 3D printing briefs is 3D Systems, which hosted a Chief Scientist. In the rest of the activity, Solukon announces a new partnership, Luxexcel and Optiswiss cooperate for 3D printed smart glasses and DMG Mori has chosen Sigma Labs as IPQA supplier. Finally,Read More →

[ad_1] 3D bioprinting is becoming an attractive alternative for healthcare professionals and research institutes who choose a more personalized treatment for their patients, it has the potential to improve quality of life and reduce costs for healthcare systems. Spain is one of the countries where these new technologies are emerging.Read More →

[ad_1] 3D printing and materials are a closely related science, and many researchers, engineers and manufacturers spend a lot of time in research and development, all working with the goal of perfecting production. In ‘Design for material extrusion on mesh fabrics, ”British researchers are looking more specifically at the useRead More →

In the recent article titled “Reverse Engineering Methods of Spare Parts,” PhD student Edoardo Colombo, Aalto School of Engineering, discusses the advantages of digital spare parts and their potential to create a fully-fledged supply chain. news ; after all, if a user has a “ready-to-produce” 3D model on hand, withRead More →

Authors Zack Lischer-Katz, Kristina Golubiewski-Davis, Jennifer Grayburn, and Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati discuss the future of 3D printing and virtual reality in libraries around the world, describing their findings in “3D/VR in the Academic Library: Emerging Practices & Trends.’ Their report is important because it gives us exceptional insight into how progressiveRead More →

Many exciting announcements came out of SOLIDWORKS World this week. HP announced a new color 3D printing system, while Nano Dimension and Rize announced new or expanded partnerships with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS brand. Each of these partnerships has a different focal point, and today it’s Desktop Metal’s turn. The startupRead More →

[ad_1] In July, 3D printing community and marketplace Pin shape in partnership with Mold3D Academy for a competition around virtual sculpture. In the Design Your Future Avatar contest, sponsored by Formlabs, Oculus, ZBrush, and 3D Artist Magazine, the contestants were tasked with designing an original avatar character that represented theirRead More →

Although we’ve seen 3D printed medical implants made from materials like silicone and chrome-cobalt, the most common metal of choice is titanium due to its low density and high strength. Titanium has been used many times to make 3D-printed jaw implants, which is the specialty of Belgium-based medical device startupRead More →

[ad_1] Moderatorfactory, the world’s largest curated download platform for free 3D printable models, and the sister site of the 3D printer reseller iMakr, launched a 3D design and printing competition this week, with Wild Brain, a leading creator of preschool and kids’ entertainment content on platforms such as Youtube andRead More →

[ad_1] In my day, cart wheels and vague dinosaur shapes were considered the pinnacle of sophisticated pasta shapes. I never imagined three-dimensional roses and cratered moons, but that’s what technology does: make things cooler. It also does a lot of other things, of course, like saving lives, but you can’tRead More →

3D printing and software company Autodesk certainly wears many hats: virtual reality innovator, slicing parameter expert, impactful investor, helpful volunteer… the list goes on. Today they begin a new journey, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MIMOS Berhad, to promote 3D design technologies and talents across Malaysia. Autodesk andRead More →

[ad_1] A few weeks ago, a sneaky Twitter user revealed that Microsoft was planning to update its decades-old Paint app with several new features, including 3D design capabilities. When word got out, several people speculated that Microsoft could make the official announcement at an event in New York City laterRead More →

[ad_1] Few months ago, CGTrader has taken a significant step forward by officially becoming the world’s largest marketplace for 3D models. An impressive achievement indeed, considering the number of online 3D marketplaces, but CGTrader has always been a favorite for many reasons. One of those reasons is the contests theyRead More →

[ad_1] 3D design software manufacturer Dassault Systèmes has long been known for its SOLID WORKS software, a platform so big and so vast that it has its own three day conference is dedicated to him. Their 3DEXPERIENCE platform, however, is not small potatoes. As businesses increasingly integrate 3D printing intoRead More →

3D modeling applications tend to look like extremely complex engineering tools. Well, that’s because, for the most part, they are! However, a New York-based startup, The Inventery, has now released a user-friendly and responsive touchscreen 3D modeling app designed for iPads called Morphi. Using out-of-the-box shapes, models and modification tools,Read More →

The love of the sci-fi genre can last a lifetime, with many fans beginning their avowed obsessions as early as kindergarten and elementary school. This obsession is not only harmless, it can be very educational, as young people begin to learn about science and technology with an imagination bolstered byRead More →

This week kicks off the second annual National White House Manufacturing Week, and as President Obama calls for the creation of a Nation of Makers, companies like Autodesk aren’t shy about doing their part. go. Autodesk, whose 3D design software is used in thousands of schools and maker communities nationwide,Read More →

Inside 3D Printing and Fast Company are allowing 3D printing challengers to participate in this year’s Innovation By Design Awards competition. Entries will be judged on: Functionality Originality Beauty Durability Depth Cultural impact Business impact The idea is, obviously, to impress the judges with 3D design innovation, but they’re alsoRead More →

Traditional wheelchairs are wonderful for people who need them, providing independence for those who have limitations on their personal mobility for a number of reasons. Still, they have design flaws that could improve functionality and usability, especially for users in urban settings. As with many awesome ideas using the latestRead More →

Despite considerable progress, one of the biggest obstacles to the widespread adoption of 3D printing is the skill required to develop complete 3D printable models on your own. If you have a degree in design or engineering, 3D modeling probably doesn’t stand in the way of your 3D printing aspirations.Read More →