Target Mark 3D technology delivers precision part placement – Metrology and quality news


Much of the maintenance of machinery and material handling relies on precise positioning, as well as the placement and sourcing of parts. With the Sensopart VISOR Robotic Vision sensor and Target Mark 3D technology, position variations are transmitted and dynamically corrected in the robot program, which enables safe, fast and precise handling processes.

The Target Mark 3D function is available on the VISOR robotic vision sensor, providing the robot with the ability to easily read and react to very unique 3D information and position data, enabling a simple, intelligent, mobile and autonomous workspace. . The position of the target mark only needs to be referenced once during the initial camera setup and can be easily relearned by any VISOR robotic camera, thus maximizing time, efficiency and the precision. SensoPart’s Target Mark 3D is also capable of accurately detecting the smallest shifts in operating position and is able to correct itself seamlessly, with no reprogramming required.

The components for many production processes are supplied in load carriers. The challenge is to position the load carriers as precisely as possible, as this is imperative for a stable, robot-assisted handling process. The flexible use of mobile robots is also an attractive solution for machine maintenance processes; however, this flexibility can make the robot’s positions relatively imprecise. The success of this solution, whether or not the robot can perform the maintenance process correctly, depends above all on the precision of the robot’s movements in relation to the machine.

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