The best 3D printing ideas for Valentine’s Day

Did you become the proud owner of a new 3D printer during the holidays? Or maybe you’ve been 3D printing for a while now. In any case, whether you print with a filament printer or a resin printer like the AnyCubic Photon Mono X or the ultra-high resolution 6K AnyCubic Photon Mono X, you’re perfectly positioned to print Valentine’s Day gifts for the people you love.

We’ve compiled some printable Valentine’s Day gift ideas below. With some of these templates, you can put your skills to the test by customize 3d models while others are ready to print with little to no adjustments.

We scoured sites like Makerbot’s Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Prusa, Instructables, and Cults to find designs that would make great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

1. Conversation Hearts

While the debate rages over whether candy conversation hearts are delicious or gross, everyone will agree that these 3D prints conversation hearts are the perfect way to ask your loved one to be your Valentine. Print an entire bowl! In reality, print the bowltoo much!

2. Heart-Shaped Ring Holders

Anyone who takes their braces off at night will appreciate this jewelry holder and ring in the shape of a heart. You might agree with the creator, GregSpilman, when he quotes the classic song, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love!”

3. Heart Gears

This three heart gears the design comes from the manufacturer Thingiverse, emmet, who is an aerospace engineer working at Google. This design has been preferred over 11,000 times! Moving gears are a perfect way to tell your Valentine how much you relate. Oh. And if you waited until the last minute, watch this remixed design which takes less time to print from urban work. It recommends using ABS filament but also includes some tips for anyone using PLA.

4. I love you box

I love you in a box! Wait, it didn’t come right away. Designer Natalie Cheesmond aka 3DPrintBunny has put together a great Valentine’s Day gift in a box. You can download drawing from MyMiniFactory and enjoy a 3D printed Valentine’s Day.

5. Heart-shaped box

When Kurt Cobain sang “I’ve been locked in your heart-shaped box for weeks,” he might have been talking about this Valentine’s Day heart box design from the manufacturer Developer! If you prefer the design to run through the entire lid, grab this alternate version from the Prusa website.

6. Mayan Lotus Flower Pendant

Jewelry is a popular Valentine’s Day gift, and Mayan lotus flower pendant, available on Thingiverse, does the trick. Creator Cesar Rodriguez (idea3d), recommend using PLA filament to print this pattern, and you can change filament mid-run to create a two-color version.

7. Spiral Heart Pendant

Put this spiral heart pendant on a chain and you have a romantic Valentine’s Day gift! Take it STL files from Jose Narvaez on MyMiniFactory.

8. Customizable lithophane

Lithophanes are some of the coolest things you can print with 3D printing technology. Hang them in front of a light source, such as a window or a lamp. This customizable lithophane the design allows you to add any photo you want. Use a photo of you and your special Valentine, and it will make a great gift.

9. Heart Wing Cookie Cutter

This Heart Wings Cookie Cutter is part of the Valentine’s Day collection of OogiMe. You can find tons of other 3D printed cookie cutter designs, including this one Teddy bear. Just be sure to use a food safe material like PLA with no additives.

10. Valentine’s Day Heart Tealight Holder

Tealight candles can help you set the right mood for your Valentine’s Day date. This heart shaped tea light holder on Thingiverse will be perfect on the table during your romantic dinner.

11. Valentine Heart Vase

Instructables is a good place to look for 3D printing designs because in addition to the design files, you’ll also get a tutorial, which many other design repositories don’t include. This heart vase will go well with real roses or 3d printed roses. If you have a webcam that you can install near your printer, try time lapse video creation of this Valentine vase being printed with OctoLapse. Use Vase mode and you’ll love the results.

12. Heart bookmark

If your Valentine loves books, print him this heart-shaped bookmark. If you use the manufacturer Kubakerprinting should take less than fifteen minutes!

13. iLove U Signal for iPhone

This one is pretty smart. Project your love onto a wall with this iLove U Signal for cell phones. You hold the printed piece in front of your phone’s flash to project the heart onto a wall.

14. Heart ring

If you print this knotted heart ringbe sure to customize it first so it scales to your valentine’s finger size.

15. Bow and arrow

Embody the spirit of Cupid with this work valentine bow and arrow. It is fed by a rubber band, and the creator, muzz64says depending on the type of rubber band you use, the bow can shoot the arrow five meters!

16. You Are My Person Keychain

This keychain declare your love for your darling. design, user Think tank on MyMiniFactory, doesn’t use supports, so if you’re having bridging issues, this design will still print just fine.

17. Gift boxes galore

Whatever Valentine’s Day gifts you decide to print, consider printing a gift box to put it in. Butterfly Puzzle Box requires the user to locate the hidden key and then find the keyhole. Also see these 3D printable customizable boxes from Instructables and this beautiful and complex box Available from Mohamed Ayobe on MyMiniFactory.

3D printing ideas for every party

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday you can embellish with 3D prints. Check out ideas for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays too!