The Safilo group announces the launch of Imprint 3D technology


Eyewear Safilo Group has announced the launch of its Imprint 3D technology.

The technology, which was created through Safilo’s exclusive brand, Smith, aims to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach to sports gear and respond to the variety of face shapes.

Imprint 3D technology has already launched a 3D printed snow mask. Thanks to the technology, the comfort of the mask is increased, light leaks due to poor fit are eliminated, pressure points and hot spots are removed and the masks benefit from a wider field of view.

Called I / O Mag Imprint 3D glasses, customers use Smith’s custom app to scan their face, which can digitally generate a frame, 3D print it and then assemble it.

The individual characteristics of each client are taken into account when creating each mask, making each frame a unique and personalized fit.

“Safilo’s digital 360 transformation continues. In the past year, we have introduced many innovations in B2B and D2C fields. Today, we are very satisfied to be the first on the market to have studied a concrete application of new technologies, with an innovative end product delivered to the market which continues to evolve the sporting experiences of our customers ”, declared Angelo Trocchia, CEO of the Safilo group. .

The glasses are now available in North America through Smith.