The VEM Group invests in a 3D printer for steel medical device inserts – Med-Tech Innovation

VEM Group, a manufacturer of injection molding tooling and services for the medical device and consumer goods industry, has invested in additive manufacturing with the purchase of a dual laser head steel printer to meet the increasing demand for 3D printed steel inserts.

As market demands and product lifecycles change, conventional technology and traditional manufacturing cannot always meet customer needs, especially for medical parts. VEM has cooperated with partners in steel additive manufacturing for many years and now has brought the latest technology in-house to better serve its customers. Many new projects are using compliant cooling channels to improve molding performance and dramatically improve cycle time.

Marc Weinmann, President of VEM, said: “With this technology we can reduce injection molding cycle times and, depending on the part, better part and surface quality through the use of cooling. compliant. This requires an initial investment for the molds, but will pay off in the manufacturing of the parts. Over the years, we have trained our staff to adapt their design to this technology.

VEM remains competitive by investing in the right technologies, including automation and less manual interaction at every step of the manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing technology lowers production costs and helps customers achieve better margins.

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