Titans of CNC installs the Trumpf Truprint 2000 metal PBF 3D printer »3dpbm

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The time has come for CNC Titans, a CNC educational establishment transformed into a workshop and TV shows with a YouTube channel with 300,000 subscribers, to switch to 3D printing. The team is also heading to a huge new facility with several industrial machines, from EDMs to larger CNCs and they are opening the AM section by installing a Trumpf Truprint 2000 metal PBF system.

What began as a CNC machine shop in Northern California focused on manufacturing the toughest parts in the aerospace industry, has grown into a massive reality TV series and a recognized and premier CNC educational platform. used by a global network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students and educators.

The CNC Titans set out to uplift America’s students, educators, and the manufacturing workforce. CNC’s Titan: Academy is used in more than 170 countries and the company is driven by the belief that all humans have the right to a good education and the opportunity to build parts in their own communities.

The Titans of CNC Academy and its Aerospace Academy offer hundreds of free courses on the use of industrial CNC technologies and now 3D printing. Upcoming Trumpf Truprint 2000 system-focused episodes will experience, show, and teach all you can do about one of these bad boys.

The Trumpf Truprint 2000 has a laser beam diameter of 55 µm to deliver a high-quality print result in a build volume (cylinder) of 200 mm in diameter and a height of 200 mm. The full-field multilaser with two 300-watt fiber lasers from TRUMPF – which scan the entire construction area – can deliver maximum productivity ensuring high quality standards through melting tank monitoring and full process monitoring . The production process with the TruPrint 2000 is a closed powder circuit under shielding gas which allows convenient handling and operator safety.

Titans of CNC installs the Trumpf Truprint 2000 metal PBF 3D printer

The story behind Titans of CNC is also very inspiring: as a child, Titan Gilroy, the founder, grew up in a broken home filled with violence, alcoholism and rage. He quickly built a reputation on his aggressive and destructive nature. Multiple testimonies of assault earned Titan a sixteen-year prison sentence. The fighting continued and he soon found himself in solitary confinement for six months.

With the help of Top Rank Boxing, Titan was released early and began to fight for his second chance, eventually being recognized as one of the sport’s greatest up-and-coming fighters. Unable to escape his demons, Titan was dragged back into the street violence of his past. Not wanting to return to prison, he moved away from professional boxing and ended up in a CNC machine shop where his life would change forever.

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