Torch AR, a 3D design platform for mobile AR prototyping


Yesterday, the Torch community announced the launch of AR torch, a 3D design platform connecting the world of web and mobile application design to space computing.

Designing and creating in 3D is sometimes tricky and requires special knowledge and skills to use 3D computer aided design applications or code from scratch. With the help of Torch AR, Torch 3D Inc attempts to offer an augmented reality (AR) prototyping and design mobile application that enables users to create interactive 3D prototypes quickly and easily.

With the new Torch AR app, users will be able to:

  • build interactive prototypes
  • collaborate on projects in real time
  • work with existing 3D and 2D files, tools or workflows

All this, using the same mobile device on which the completed applications will run.

The community only launched the first element of a platform and not the full app. Torch AR will continue to evolve and improve, resulting in an application that can not only prototype, but also build, distribute and manage the user’s spatial application.

Features of the new Torch AR platform

The power to design in 3D

Users can easily design and build prototypes on their devices, in 3D, using augmented reality features. This removes the task of constantly switching between desktop and device. Other than a user’s mobile device (iOS, for now, Android soon), no special hardware is required. Additionally, users don’t need to have game development or coding experience to integrate Torch AR.

Free to use with real-time collaboration

Torch AR is free for all users. Even if more features and services are created, the design environment released today will remain free. The built projects can be shared with anyone. They can also be viewed for free in Torch. Many users can work together in real time from anywhere and can even iterate over designs in minutes.

Build interactive prototypes

Torch’s Interaction System allows users to go beyond simple AR sticker apps to create powerful multi-scene augmented reality experiences.

Add a Sketchfab model with a simple drag

Users can now add the perfect Sketchfab model to their project in seconds with a simple swipe. Sketchfab is the largest platform for publishing and finding 3D models online.

Alban Denoyel, CEO and Co-Founder of Sketchfab, says, “With Torch, you can just search and then drag and drop Sketchfab models into a scene and start prototyping. Torch’s focus on the ease of 3D prototyping is a perfect complement to Sketchfab’s focus on delivering diverse and high-quality 3D assets.

To learn more about Torch AR, visit the Torch3D Blog.

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