UK startup Gravity Sketch raises £2.9m for collaborative 3D design platform

Gravity Sketch, the London-based startup behind 3D product design software, has closed a £2.9m funding round led by Kindred Capital, with participation from Point Nine Capital and previous investors Forward Partners. The new funding will help expand the newly launched collaboration functionality and make the software fully hardware independent.

The UK startup claims its platform can save a carmaker £40m when designing a new car. It is perhaps for this reason that Ford, Nissan and Reebok are already in the game (as well as about sixty universities).

Gravity Sketch is basically the remote work tool for 3D design. Designing physical products requires constant collaboration and many iterations, from on-the-fly sketches from designers to engineers or makers and back again. The the lack of tools, especially for 3D design and globally distributed teams, led to lengthy design processes (pun intended) and significant additional costs.

With this software, designers, engineers, and makers can all create and review together in real time, which is even more important since the pandemic began. The new remote work normal has boosted demand by 40%, according to the startup.

Gravity Sketch was founded by Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Daniela Paredes and Daniel Thomas in 2014. The round brings the startup’s total amount to $5.4 million, plus initial funding from grants from InnovationRCA and the James Dyson Foundation.

Photo: Co-founders Oluwaseyi Sosanya and Daniela Paredes