UNIZ starts shipping Slash 2 Plus 3D printer – technical specifications and price


UNIZ, a manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, has started shipping its new Slash 2 Plus system.

Professional grade LCD machine is based on the company’s original Slash 2 3D printer and sports an 8.9-inch 4K mono LCD display, UNIZ’s patented LED light engine and a second-generation liquid cooling system.

In an effort to combine speed and precision to streamline digital dentistry, the Slash 2 Plus is primarily intended for dental professionals and laboratories for applications such as custom aligner templates, template trays, surgical guides, crowns , bridges, night guards, etc.

The machine also comes with the company’s new UNIZ Dental slicing software, a high-speed print preparation program designed for high-throughput dental printing.

The UNIZ SLASH 2 PLUS is designed for high speed dental 3D printing. Photo via UNIZ.

Professional LCD 3D printing with UNIZ

Based in San Diego, UNIZ has slowly made a name for itself in the field of resin 3D printing, now offering a comprehensive portfolio of LCD 3D printers for the professional market.

UNIZ also has more than 40 patents to its credit, which cover both high-speed printing technology and the company’s own range of resins. Specifically targeting dental applications, the company has even developed a set of FDA approved dental materials, including zDENTAL IDB for indirect bonding trays and zSG Amber for surgical guides and brackets.

The Slash 2 Plus 3D printer

The Slash 2 Plus is one of the company’s most successful 3D printers to date, with a focus on speed and productivity to meet the volume needs of the professional dental market.

UNIZ equipped its machine with a build volume measuring 192 x 120 x 200 mm, as well as a new LED light engine with a UV light intensity of 3400 mw / cm². This is roughly double the power of the original Slash 2 3D printer, allowing the Slash 2 Plus to offer print speeds of up to 250mm / h. Translated into output, this means users will be able to 3D print a full build of 26 full arch dental models in just 53 minutes (at six seconds per layer).

The company has also implemented an exclusive next-generation liquid cooling system in the Slash 2 Plus. By providing better heat dissipation, the liquid cooling system ensures that the life of the LED light motor is extended to at least 5,000 hours of 24-hour production. In addition, the machine is designed to be compatible with most dental resins currently available on the market.

When it comes to connectivity, Slash 2 Plus users will have a choice of USB, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet and the system has a 4.3 inch touchscreen for machine operation.

Tying it all together, the new UNIZ Dental slicer streamlines the construction preparation stage of the 3D printing workflow. According to the company, its product can cut and record a full plaque of 26 dental models in just 12 seconds, which is significantly faster than several mainstream and professional competitors. UNIZ Dental also offers scan repair, text embossing, automated pattern arrangement, pattern division, recess and hole generation functionality.

The UNIZ Dental slicer is said to be much faster than its competitors.  Data provided by UNIZ.  Image via UNIZ.
The UNIZ Dental slicer is said to be much faster than its competitors. Data provided by UNIZ. Image via UNIZ.

Technical specifications and prices

Below are the technical specifications of the UNIZ Slash 2 Plus. The 3D printer is priced at $ 3,599 and is available to order now.

Build volume 192x120x200mm
XY resolution 49.8 microns (4K mono LCD)
Z resolution 10 – 200 microns
Printing speed Up to 250 mm / h
Dimensions 350x400x530mm
Weight 15kg
Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
Touchscreen 4.3 ″

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The image shown shows the UNIZ Slash 2 Plus 3D printer. Photo via UNIZ.