Used 3D Printer Dealer / Service Provider Offers Everything From “A” to “W”

Pivot AM’s experience in repairing 3D printers dates back over 30 years.

Pivot AM Service offers a range of products and services related to 3D printing, from the auction and sale of used 3D printers, to their installation, maintenance and repair, to the sale of materials. construction and parts washers.

The Pella, Iowa company, which dates back over 30 years in the repair of additive manufacturing equipment, recently launched a website called Pivot AM Auctions. Visitors to the site can sell and bid on used additive material.

Pivot limits the items that can be auctioned to industrial, production and professional 3D / AM printing equipment. Sellers pay a $ 250 registration fee to Pivot, which works with them to select photos and ensure information on their machines is correct. Equipment buyers pay an 8% commission on top of the purchase price. The equipment remains with the seller until the time of sale.

Pivot can organize the uninstallation, crating, transporting and reinstallation of the equipment if desired.

The company’s SLA (stereolithography) parts washer, called ACE, is fully pneumatic, washes parts while on the printer build plate, and would accommodate large build platforms. The company says ACE is compatible with almost all SLA printers, including the Stratasys V650 Flex; RPS Neo800; Formlabs Form 3L; ProX 800, ProJet 6000 and ProJet 7000 from 3D Systems; and many legacy systems.