Vancouver Library 3D Design Course Teaches How to Print Practical Solutions

Stacey Loeffler and her family spent Sunday in Vancouver basking in a different kind of glow than the hot, sunny weather outside.

Instead, Loffler, her husband Luke Loeffler, best friend Sarah Haarshma, and father Terry Boyd descended into the Vancouver Community Library to bask in the glow of computer screens as they learned the basics of design of objects to be created with the three dimensions of the library. printers. The free course, Intro to 3D Design, which takes place on the last Sunday of each month, is the first step in learning how to create objects for 3D printers. And the group, passionate about craftsmanship, came out full of new ideas.

“Once you start thinking about 3D printing, you see things all over the house and you realize that there are a lot of little day-to-day problems that you can solve with it,” Stacey Loeffler said. “In one case, I saw someone make a hook that he attached to his stroller so that it could hold his bag. There are a ton of things like that.

During the class, his father, a carpenter enthusiast, realized he could use technology to save money on alphabet patterns for wood inlays, which add patterns or words to them. wood products. Letter sets for inlays can cost well over $ 100, but by 3D printing only specific letters, Boyd found that he wouldn’t have to pay for a full set to work on projects.

“I’m starting to understand,” Boyd said, wondering about the floating grid on his computer screen as he manipulated various shapes in a 3D design. “Alphabet models are expensive. But if you only need a few letters for someone’s name, you can just print the letters you need and save some money.

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