VELO3D enhances the capabilities of the Sapphire XC metal 3D printer with Flow 3.0 build preparation software

BIKE3D has released the latest version of its Flow print preparation software which offers new features to support VELO3D’s Sapphire XC machine (additional capability).

The Sapphire XC platform was launched in October 2020 to facilitate additive manufacturing of parts in larger sizes and volumes than its flagship Sapphire metal 3D printer.

Flow 3.0 can support the modeling of larger parts, while also allowing the programming of additional lasers. This means users will be able to take advantage of the Sapphire XC’s expanded build volume and eight 1KW lasers to produce parts up to 400% larger and at five times the productivity of the standard Sapphire system.

With a generalized set of recipes that accurately prescribe and simulate the layer-by-layer construction of a desired part, the software is said to be able to detect geometric features and apply corresponding processes to achieve the desired result. Flow 3.0 also uses information from previous layers to inform the printing strategy of subsequent layers to ensure higher quality parts and greater design freedom. By VELO3D, it also reduces the need to manually design parts for additive manufacturing.

“By providing an end-to-end solution, we are able to let engineers focus on building the critical parts they need,” commented Daniel Russel, VELO3D’s Director of Engineering. “Version 3.0 brings support for large model types that can be printed on Sapphire XC, warnings and advice to customers when preparing to build on clusters, Amazon Web Services, and many other improvements. The first feedback from our customers is very positive. »

“When we create new features in Flow, we aim to simplify the experience for engineers who want to create parts using our additive manufacturing technology,” added Victorien Menier, senior software engineer at VELO3D. “Our team is extremely proud of all that Flow 3.0 has achieved throughout the beta period. Revised scheduling rules allow the Sapphire XC to achieve 98% efficiency with its eight lasers, which greatly contributes to its ability to achieve a 5x performance boost.”

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