Velo3D Stock is a disruptive metal 3D printing game


3D development solutions platform Velo3D (NYSE: VLD) the stock is on the rise after its IPO via the reverse merger of a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). The metal additive manufacturing (AM) solution is to provide a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution from design to print production. The company touts its efficiency with microturbines, turbopumps and heat exchangers. Dozens of parts can be combined into one unit, from design to construction. Velo3D technology disrupts decades-old manufacturing processes of turbines and various high-value metal parts. The technology is years ahead of other AM technologies. In a nutshell, technology can deliver high value, complex metal parts with design benefits, lower costs, and faster delivery times. The components created are used in space rockets, jet engines, fuel delivery systems and other high-value critical metal parts. Risk-tolerant investors seeking exposure to next-generation end-to-end AM 3D printing technology can watch for timely pullbacks in Velo3D stocks.

Velo3D technology

The Velo3D Sapphire Metal AM printer disrupts traditional processes. Gas turbines generate electricity by converting liquid fuel or air into mechanical energy. Velo3D enables manufacturing optimization by disrupting the traditional process. This includes the combination of casting, 5-axis machining, brazing or welding dozens of subcomponents to build a gas turbine. Velo3D can bundle dozens of parts (61 parts) into a single unit, resulting in more optimal, more efficient, lighter (50%) turbines with power density (10X) and durability (40X) higher. Essentially, creating a new wave of innovation in power generation. Velo3D technology is also applied in turbo pumps and heat exchangers, which can be found anywhere you find oil, fuel or electronics in a high performance vehicle. The proprietary Velo3D SupportFree Metal Powder Bed (PBF) fusion provides the ability to print horizontal surfaces without supports and with a high-quality surface finish, eliminating the need to post-process internal support structures, which provides much better internal channels and flow paths for fluids and gases. Designers can print an aspect ratio of 6000 to 1 with thin walls up to 150 microns thick to optimize heat transfer.

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The Company is still in its infancy, posting net losses of (- $ 13.5 million) in the second quarter of 2021, compared to (- $ 5.7 million) in the same quarter of the previous year. The Company generated revenue of $ 8.3 million for the size months ending June 31, 2021, down from $ 9.96 million in the prior year for the same period. Revenue is derived from the sale and rental of its end-to-end hardware (3D printers) and software solutions as well as support services. Net losses for the 1st half of 2021 was (- $ 26 million) or (- $ 1.32) EPS vs. (- $ 10.5 million) or (-0.57) EPS at the same time a year ago year.

Velo3D Stock is a disruptive metal 3D printing game

VLD opportunistic price levels

Using the gun charts over the weekly and daily periods provides an accurate view of the landscape for the LTV stock. Guns weekly chart attempts breakthrough as 5-period weekly moving average (MA) rises near $ 9.40 Fibonacci level (fib) to cross the weekly 15 period MA near the $ 9.67 fib. The Weekly Stochastic has a mini puppy as stocks broke the weekly Upper Bollinger Bands (BB) at $ 12.29. The guns daily chart formed an uptrend on the breakout above the weak market structure (MSL) trigger at $ 7.75. The daily increasing 5-period MA is at $ 11.55, followed by its 15-period MA support at $ 10.00. Daily top BBs stand at $ 13.48 fib. The high of the daily market structure (MSH) may form with a lower high candlestick, with the low of that candle acting as the trigger. We can expect a tightening of the channel all the way to the 15-period moving average and a potential for daily lower BBs at $ 5.47 in the worst-case scenario. Risk-tolerant investors may look for opportunistic pullback price levels at $ 10.54 fib, $ 9.96 fib, $ 9.40 fib, $ 8.88 fib, $ 8.63 fib, $ 7.98 fib , $ 7.71 fib and $ 7.55 fib. The upward trajectories go from the $ 14.43 level to the $ 18.00 level.

Should you invest $ 1,000 in Velo3D now?

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