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Vertex Manufacturing, a subsidiary of PrinterPrezz and a Velo3D subcontractor, added two additional abilities (Sapphire XC) Velo3D metal machinery to their fleet. One of the systems is the first of its size qualified to print an advanced copper alloy originally developed by NASA for rocket engines. The new printers allow the company to expand its ability to help customers build their most complex parts without compromising designs, including some of the world’s largest GRCop-42 aerospace parts (up to 600mm in diameter and 550 mm in height).

As a leader in additive manufacturing and secondary processes, Vertex specializes in providing effective solutions to customers’ demanding engineering challenges. Capabilities include a wide range of post-processing services such as full 5-axis machining and finished product surface treatments. Vertex currently operates a fleet of Sapphire printers calibrated to print in Inconel 718, a nickel-based superalloy that provides high strength and oxidation resistance even at near-melting temperatures. Available on a large scale, Vertex also offers manufacturing using GRCop-42, an alloy of copper, chromium and niobium that was developed by NASA for use in regenerative cooled rocket engines. With these technologies, customers in multiple critical industries, including aerospace, space, medical devices, and semiconductors, can rely on Vertex for any challenging scenarios.

The Sapphire XC printer from VELO3D

“As the additive manufacturing landscape continues to mature, the technology has become invaluable, enabling faster product development times and significantly reduced manufacturing cycles,” said Tim Warden, vice president of sales and manufacturing at Vertex Manufacturing. “Velo3D’s fully integrated solution allows our customers to print challenging geometries with limited support structures, so they can focus on optimizing their parts rather than having to adjust and compromise designs. . We are excited to add these printers to our fabrication shop, especially our new GRCop-42 printer, enabling our customers to meet their ever-changing demands.

Vertex focusing on high-tech industries such as aerospace, defense and medical devices, large-scale customers rely on Vertex to stay competitive. Vertex’s comprehensive and agile manufacturing pipeline combines advanced tools such as Makino a61nx CNC machining and FANUC Robodrill tools to deliver finished, ready-to-use parts to its customers.

“The tensile additive manufacturing continues to see in the aerospace industry is largely driven by the significant progress that has been made and the ability of subcontractors like Vertex to successfully achieve their goal of delivering high quality finished parts. , allowing engineers to focus on design rather than manufacturing,” said Dr. Zach Murphree, Velo3D Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. “The feedback we’ve heard from Vertex customers has been very positive and that’s in large part due to Vertex’s ability to deliver exactly what customers need.”

Vertex’s management team has extensive AM experience. Greg Morris, co-founder of Vertex, was a pioneer in the metal AM industry. In 1994, Morris founded Morris Technologies (MTI), the first company in North America to commercialize a metal sintering 3D printer. MTI was acquired by GE Aviation in 2012.