Watch: These Emirati students used 3D printing technology to launch rockets into space from California – News


They hope to launch the next rocket from the United Arab Emirates.

Three UAE students successfully participated in a California-based space program that saw them build – and launch – high-powered rockets from the Mojave Desert in the United States. They now hope to apply their new knowledge and skills to launch their next rocket from the United Arab Emirates.

Rawand Al Hashemi, Shouq Al Saadi, and Sultan Baslaib are aerospace engineering students at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, who were chosen to participate in the Space Initiative program in Los Angeles, California.

According to Shouq, “the program aims to create a rocket science environment for hobbyists and to prepare students to be able to participate in international competitions.”

During the program, the trio was able to engage in a knowledge-sharing exercise with students from different fields, which, according to them, was not limited to only technical aspects, but also involved cultural exchanges.

“During the technical part, we shared the knowledge and skills we acquired at Khalifa University,” Rawand explained. “We also worked with students of many nationalities for long hours, which helped us to create a cultural exchange in terms of language, traditions and customs.”

Students were able to study the basics needed to build high powered rockets and apply them for the first time using the required engineering tools. “We used 3D mechanical design software to design some parts of the rocket, then printed them using 3D printing techniques and launched them in the Mojave Desert,” Sultan said.


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“We were aided by other students who taught us some of the skills that went into programming these electronic devices. We now plan to earn our Level 3 certificates in High Power Rocket Science and aim to launch the United Arab Emirates’ next rocket. “

Overall, Rawand said the space program was one of a kind. “It was full of challenges, but we are happy to have been part of such an experience. It is the first step to be part of the United Arab Emirates space travel,” she added.


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