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For several years, 3Dnatives has offered you every month to discover a startup in the additive manufacturing sector. Manufacturers of 3D printers and materials, software developers or machine distributors, many young companies are developing solutions that will have an impact on the future of the industry. And as the end of the year approaches, it’s time to vote on who you think has been the most innovative in the additive manufacturing market this year among our 3D printing startups of the month. Voting is easy: just go to the bottom of the article to select who you think deserves the 2021 3D startup. And don’t worry, if you missed some of the companies featured in the Over the course of the year, we’ve compiled a summary for you below! The results will be announced on January 4 on 3Dnatives.

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# 1: ICON and 3D printing on the Moon

Founded in 2017, ICON specializes in 3D printing of buildings. Since its first printing plant in March 2018 in Texas, the American company has come a long way. Today there are no less than 20 buildings designed by ICON, while many projects are still under construction. Elected 3D startup of the month for January 2021, the company is working with NASA, among others, to carry out an even more ambitious project. Together, the two companies want to 3D print buildings on the moon using regolith, a material from the lunar surface. To do this, ICON wants to use its gantry-type 3D printer called Vulcan, which is capable of printing a house up to 185 square meters with a material called Lavacrete. You can find the entire interview with the American startup HERE.

Photo credits: ICNE

# 2: Addiguru and its real-time monitoring software for 3D printing

In 2019, as additive manufacturing became more common in several industries, Shuchi Khurana decided to launch Addiguru. In order to limit problems during the printing process and automate the production process, the 3D startup from February 2021 has developed a software solution to follow the manufacturing process in real time. However, in its early days, Addiguru’s software was only compatible with powder bed laser fusion. Designed to be easily added to other processes, Addiguru is currently working on its integration into Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) as well as DED. Read Shuchi Khurana’s full interview HERE.

Photo credits: Addiguru

# 3: xolo and volumetric 3D printing

Based in Germany, the xolo startup seeks to disrupt UV curing methods with a volumetric 3D printing process. Called xolography, it offers a much faster manufacturing process, a smoother surface and more possibilities in terms of materials. For example, the xube 3D printer, based on xolography, would be able to design parts in just 20 seconds for the smallest and 5 minutes for the largest. Compatible with the same photopolymers as the SLA and DLP processes, xolo’s technology is currently aimed at the research world and should enable researchers to realize ideas that are not possible with conventional layer-by-layer printing. Find the full interview HERE.

Photo credits: xolo

# 4: Mobile Smart Factory promotes local manufacturing

After long months in the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have sought solutions to transform supply chains. Among them was Mobile Smart Factory, a solution developed to support local manufacturing and deliver parts on demand, which earned them the choice of 3D Startup of the Month in April 2021. Mobile Smart Factory is a modular, enclosed factory. in a container equipped with 3D printing devices. . This “mini-factory” allows parts to be repaired and manufactured at any time, without the need for inventory or physical stock. The solution is intended for industries located in remote areas with limited logistics capacities. For example, it can be deployed in mines or oil and gas platforms. Johannes Schmidt, who is involved in the project, tells you more HERE.

Photo credits: Mobile smart factory

# 5: One Click Metal wants to make metal additive manufacturing accessible to everyone

One Click Metal wishes to democratize access to metal additive manufacturing by offering an easy-to-use printing solution and a less complex powder system to handle, all at a more affordable price. With machines based on powder bed laser fusion, One Click Metal is aimed at all companies, regardless of their sector or size. In order to differentiate itself from its competitors, the young company relies on solutions that support the user at every stage of the printing process. Ultimately, One Click Metal wants to make technology accessible to everyone, with just one click. (Re) discover the interview with the German startup HERE.

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Photo credits: One Click Metal

# 6: Readily3D and its volumetric printing technology based on tomography

Readily3D, a young Swiss startup, has developed a volumetric 3D printing method to create complex organic shapes in just a few seconds. As part of the European ENLIGHT project, the company presented its first work on the pancreas. Thanks to its technology, Readily3D was able to 3D print organic tissues of the organ. Capable of solidifying an entire object at once, the company’s 3D printer is compatible with a wide range of photosensitive materials, such as acrylates, silicones and hydrogels. Thanks to bioprinting, Readily3D hopes to produce parts of organs on which rapid, controlled and reproducible tests can be carried out. Find the full interview with the Startup from June 2021 HERE.

Photo credits: Readily3D

# 7: Handddle structures and industrializes the uses of 3D printing

Based in Bordeaux, Handddle is a French startup that helps professionals integrate additive manufacturing into their activities. It offers a micro-factory, called SmartFarm, capable of centralizing a fleet of machines, as well as post-processing solutions. Designed to democratize 3D technologies, the solutions offered by Handddle allow complete control of the manufacturing process as well as repeatability in all environments. The young company mainly targets companies with internal manufacturing needs and looking for automation. If you want to know more about Handddle and its solutions, you can read the full interview HERE.

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Photo credits: Handddle

# 8: Mantle and its manufacturing process for metal additives based on paste

The Mantle startup made its big debut to the general public by unveiling its TrueShape additive manufacturing technology. This metal 3D printing process differs from other technologies on the market by its ability to use paste as printing material. This method allowed a whole new level of surface finish and precision. Ted Sorom, CEO and co-founder of Mantle, explains that TrueShape is a hybrid process that is both additive and subtractive, and parts made using this process do not require any post-processing steps. Sorom also notes that using paste as the printing material provides better accuracy. We learned more about the startup in an August 2021 interview HERE.

Photo credits: Coat

# 9: ING3D and mineral 3D printing

Based in Germany, ING3D has developed a technology called Mineral Direct Laser Sintering (MDLS). Inspired by powder sintering, this 3D printing process allows the design of very light and non-flammable parts. In addition, MDLS reduces the cost of printing by a factor of 10 and speeds up the manufacturing process. ING3D’s technology consists of sintering light mineral materials, such as perlite, using a CO2 laser. Since this process does not require any additives, the raw material remains pure and can be disposed of without problem after the period of use. Currently, MDLS is used in various applications, such as furnace insulation and water filtration. David Manjura, founder of ING3D, tells you more HERE.

Photo credits: ING3D

# 10: Shapeshift 3D and its customization platform for 3D printing

Shapeshift 3D, a Canadian company offering a platform for manufacturing personalized sports and medical equipment, was chosen as 3D startup of the month in October. From scanning to printing, Shapeshift 3D’s software solution enables the manufacture of various products, such as orthotics, prostheses and bicycle helmets. Optimized by artificial intelligence, the platform is able to help professionals. Once the 3D file is entered into the software, the software automatically corrects it and makes custom adjustments. In short, thanks to the advantages of 3D technologies, the Canadian start-up is able to provide its users with perfectly adapted parts. Find the full interview with the CEO HERE.

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Photo credits: Shapeshift 3D

# 11: From vases to facades, Concrete 3D relies on Concrete 3D printing

In the construction sector, more and more companies are turning to additive manufacturing. Among them, Concrete 3D, an Austrian startup that uses 3D printing to build all types of structures. The startup offers its customers facade elements and home furniture printed in 3D. Using technology, Concrete 3D offers its customers lighter but above all more durable constructions. 3D printing allows the company to use only the amount of material needed, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Ultimately, the company wishes to offer architects and other construction professionals new perspectives thanks to 4.0 technologies. Michael Gabriel, Head of Division at Concrete 3D, looks back HERE on the technologies and the ambitions of the company.

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Photo credits: 3D concrete

# 12: Exponential Technologies optimizes 3D printing settings with AI

In order for companies to optimize machine processes and parameters as well as material composition, startup Exponential Technologies (xT) offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform and research management system. Through machine learning, the startup hopes to drive mass adoption of additive manufacturing as a traditional manufacturing method. In particular, AI can be used to optimize machine parameters so that machines run as smoothly as possible. Matthias Kaiser, CEO of xT, tells you more about the value of machine learning HERE.

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Photo credits: Exponential Technologies

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