Wordle Fan uses 3D printer to solve puzzles

An ingenious Wordle gamer turns a 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi board into an automated machine capable of solving the game’s toughest puzzles.

Play on words
Wordle, the New York Times mobile game.

wordle took the world by storm; a simple word guessing game developed by software engineer Josh Wardle, wordle debuted to much fanfare in November 2021, but its popularity has since skyrocketed so significantly that The New York Times saw fit to buy it in February 2022. Still, with thousands of viable words to choose from, finding a solution with just six meager guesses can be tricky, so Reddit user u/iamflimflam opted to automate the game using a 3D printer and a Raspberry Pi card.


In a forty-five-second clip posted to the 3D printing subreddit, u/iamflimflam demonstrates their creation by slowly working on a wordle solution, starting with “increase” and ending with “unspoken” in just four guesses. Although the automated aspect was undoubtedly cool, given that the solution was such an obscure word that many believed wordle for having developed a penchant for pretentiousness, the craft is doubly impressive.

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The fields of 3D printing and video games have already crossed paths. In 2021, an ambitious Redditor submitted an adorable 3D printed sculpture of the divine beast Vah Ruta from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and, very recently, a dedicated Valve fan kicked it into high gear by 3D printing a life-size Portal gun. That said, few creations require the technological know-how displayed by u/iamflimflam, who offered an in-depth analysis of how their craftsmanship wordle solver works under their post.

It’s quite a technical description, and the post outlines some of the major hurdles that had to be cleared to get the machine working properly. First, it had to be able to detect the phone screen and the printer bed. Then he had to be able to decipher the colors wordle results so that they can be incorporated into the next guess. Ultimately, the process seems to work remarkably well, although u/iamflimflam mentioned that it occasionally dropped due to an issue with the camera’s white balance. Still, it’s a lot faster than Googling lists of five-letter words, as many puzzled Wordle players have apparently been doing lately.

Responses to the post seem to be overwhelmingly positive, although some responses were more interested in the age-old tradition of playing unorthodox machines. Loss. Plus, as one astute Redditor pointed out, if you automate the work, there’s more time to have fun. But if we automate the blunders, there is nothing more to do.

wordle is available now.

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