XYZmaker: Taiwan’s XYZprinting launches 3D design and modeling solution, perfect for novices –

XYZprinting has put Taiwan on the 3D print manufacturing map, leading what is now a pretty competitive pack in terms of quality and user satisfaction. Not just a marketing spin, these are truly the machines that a wide range of users around the world rely on for their innovations – because XYZprinting provides the perfect recipe for functionality and affordability, leading to this goal of affordability for many – and with the proof is largely evident as they remain a consistent forerunner in online sales, as well as continued praise from industry experts.


The da Vinci Mini 3D printer is priced at just $269 and won the CES Editors’ Choice Award for 2016.

From novices to professionals, the Da Vinci range, including the Nobel SLA 3D printer, is indeed creating a new world of innovation with eco-friendly, lightweight machines that most interested people can afford, even looking at the labels of price. below $300. What about digital design? While many manufacturers prefer to stay in one area, XYZprinting is evolving into a company that offers a realistic one-stop-shop for users, even providing a portable scanner for less than $200.

For most of us, getting to the actual plug and play part of 3D printing is often the end product of an evolution from the spark of an idea to a viable concept – to the board. drawing – which today is often in complex digital form. However, as more and more users dive into this technology, simplicity is key – and no one seems to be more aware of this than XYZprinting. Now, their users should be thrilled to hear that the company is unlocking the key to all their design and modeling needs with a new software solution, XYZmaker. This is, according to XYZprinting, the simplest solution available, accentuating their product line already renowned for its ease of use.

“3D printers themselves have come a long way in terms of usability and accessibility, but 3D modeling has remained quite restrictive and difficult to grasp when you’re not coming from a design background,” said Simon Shen. , CEO of XYZprinting. “We hope the launch of XYZmaker will close that gap and bring us one step closer to breaking down the barriers to owning a 3D printer so that everyone can become the maker.”

This new software, designed to work even for beginners, is now available for free download if you are a member of XYZprinting. Whatever your level of design and 3D printing acumen, members can look forward to exploring a 3D warehouse filled with existing 3D models. Simple tools are then provided with XYZmaker so that a variety of shapes can be chosen and generated easily, then manipulated to be rotated, adjusted and placed in groups. Templates can also be customized, and the XYZprinting team adds that the user can indeed add as much detail as desired.

the lifeWhile the end of 3D printing creation can often be quite daunting in terms of buying and learning how to operate a new machine, the intricacies of design can seem completely out of reach for new users who want to dip their toes in the water but don’t really have a good starting point. If this is your case, the XYZprinting line offers a comprehensive selection of everything you need to start manufacturing, and with guidance throughout the process.

XYZmaker is fully compatible with all XYZprinting printer ranges and allows exporting files in .stl, .obj, .amf or .ply format for external use. Discuss your thoughts on this new software in the XYZmaker 3D Modeling forum on

Founded in 2013, XYZprinting has continued its journey to provide affordable 3D printing to individuals and businesses around the world, with the intention of “breaking down the barriers of 3D printer ownership”. Currently, the Taiwanese manufacturer, a subsidiary of the Kinpo Group, has offices in China, Japan, the United States and Europe.